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SINergy - Ed's journal
Well, I have to say, that was absolutely superb.

The reffing, I think went pretty well.

Our turnout was relatively small (36 through the door) but bigger than I was worried about (40 is break even, and we can cover a small loss) given the short notice, the change of venue, and the month gap. Oh and the fact that we might not have been planning to run this month anyway.

We had a large monster team this time. Which was a little strange, because ... well gathering up monsters is sometimes a bit of a chore when reffing. It did mean we started to run short of stuff to do with them, which has some people loitering OC in the lobby (which wasn't ideal). That said, it did mean we could spring an awful lot of action on the PCs who showed up, so it wasn't all bad...

Personal moment of the night, was "rich survivalist" that had showed up to the club in dressing gown, tactical webbing and with a shotgun, (yes, that's all. I only took the shorts because I thought better of flashing my jubblies about as I was dashing around the club) looking for his kids and very upset at 'these bastards corrupting their morals'.

I'm almost disappointed that Jonah Grey (the club owner) tried to talk him down. Although, I'm not convinced the 'you don't need a shotgun here sir' when surrounded by people with considerably more firepower was amazingly effective

I'm also very impressed at how much terror a random thermos half filled with soup caused. I mean, I know our NPC was holding it, and looking furtive, and then ran off leaving it behind, but ...

The fact that the bar staff were IC was _really_ cool. They were of the opinion of 'well, errm. naa not really sure really' at the start of the night. By the end, they'd both acquired heavy pistols, had been held up for IC cash (gave him money, and capped him as he left), and had stolen stuff that PCs had left lying around and sold it back to them.

We did manage to get a DJ, but there's pretty much a standing spot, in a 'music rather than dance' club. So if anyone's interested next month, I'm sure there will be an opportunity. (just let me know, so I can make arrangements).

Last night's DJ was also IC, and apparantly he had a cracking time too. Although 11 pints will help in that regard :). After all, having someone randomly come up to the DJ, ask for a mike, announce that 'you're all impure and will die' and then have a bomb go off at front of stage was most entertaining. Especially as all the medics hit the floor in the blast which regrettably meant a 20 minute early timeout, because ... well the medic would probably survive, but the people that they weren't treating would be dead. Whilst death of PCs is fine, killing off most of the people in the club, including most of the new players, would be a bit of a problem.

(So actually, except for the Refs, everyone in the club was IC. That was pretty cool)

Our NPC 'party girls' were remarkably successful. Several people recruited for arson parties. 1 bloke taken to the toilets, knocked unconcious, and had his stuff nicked.

The rather pretty 'secret agent squat' really did look rather intimidating in black velvet. Well, actually, it was probably to do with the assault rifles, sniper rifle and shotgun.

The guy who got arrested looked a little bemused, but well, seemed to be happy enough to be lead off :)

Oh and let's not forget, the 'megaburger marathon' around the dodgy areas of Nu Rome.

"Megaburger: Do our marathon."

"Blaze (local high rank gang member): Not a chance mate."

"Kyle (security): If you don't sign up for this marathon, I'm going to search you, and find something to arrest you for."

"Blaze: OK. I'll do it."

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