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Busy day - Ed's journal
Busy day
Wow, that's been a busy day.

Thunder and lightning are great.

When I saw the lights flicker and computers restart I knew that was a bad omen.

Sure enough, two servers were down this morning - one just required breaker resetting, but the other was proper fucked.

Looks like a dead disk controller, but ... well it _was_ booting, just failing with scsi retries and timeouts so was atrociously slow that ... well I gave up on it.

Today has been spent rebuilding a print server. 50 printers, in 2 hours I thought was pretty good going. Of course getting the A3 and A0 printing going again was a bit more of headache, but that's sorted now (Unix is a bit wierd when it comes to anything beyond A4 Postscript or plain text).

However, it's sorted now. or seems to be.

Still got some notes for Amber to type up, and a few SINergy returns to finish (but only a _few_). Looking to be a 'better than hoped' turnout this session, so we might even break even.

Oh and if anyone's interested in airsoft, 2 weeks time (well, 1.5 or so) is the next one. It'll require thought now to arrange a hire gun, because the site is popular. (Of course, buying an AEG is an option, but the price is notably higher).

Entry fee is £35 including AEG and 1700 rounds (a useful amount - another 1700 is another £5). I _think_ they provide a DPM jacket too, but I'm not entirely sure.

And of course, there's food and transport (but we're likely already going from Cov so...) http://www.freefirezone.co.uk

And now, I'm going to finish this stuff off, and go home to send out sinergy returns.
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