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Daily Checks: You're doing it wrong - Ed's journal
Daily Checks: You're doing it wrong
One of my pet peeves with IT. (There's many, this is just one) is the notion of 'daily checks'.

Some places have a daily checklist, that's a list of tasks they have some IT person look at, each day, to make a note that everything is OK.
This is based on a fundamentally flawed assumption - that somehow a human is better at a routine task than a computer.

This is just plain wrong. Yes, there are some things that a person will be able to spot that a computer won't. But these are not things that go on a daily check list. They're the things you see when you roll up your sleeves and do an end-to-end diagnosis.

Otherwise... a computer can do a 'daily check' much more frequently than a person can. It can do it all day, every day. And it can notify you when there's a problem. By doing so, you don't get the 'road blindness' effect - people are bad at paying attention to persistent states, they're much better at picking out anomalies.

If the light is always yellow on your system, then you won't notice when a _new_ 'yellow' alert shows up.

So really - if your 'daily check' is any more involved than 'check your email' or perhaps 'open your monitoring portal' - then you're doing it wrong. Make your computers keep watch on each other, because that way you'll know what's wrong, when it went wrong and you won't have to wait up to 24 hours before you spot the problem.

Which lets face it - if anything is significantly wrong, your phone will already be ringing anyway.
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