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Empire: Event Two - Ed's journal
Empire: Event Two
The event started on Thursday for me - getting to site, setting up and saying 'hi'. Which is just as well, as during Friday a really impressive amount of wind and rain was responsible for the destruction of an impressive number of tents.
Despite that though, shortly after 18:00 on Friday, the weather turned and we had glorious weather the rest of the event.

And it really did make it a blast. The potential visible at the first event, that was suppressed by the cold... sprang into life. There was no shortage of things going on - the only quiet time really was when 'everyone' was off on the battlefield. (And that was fine, as it gave time to stock up on bacon).

Between the different camps being beautifully dressed, the various people really trying (and succeeding) at giving their nations a real 'feel' which made just wandering around a joy. And no shortage of 'Stuff' going on, between the deliberations of the Synod, Senate and Conclave. (And presumably the Bourse/Military council too).

So actually, didn't really end up doing much, aside from wandering around and talking to people. Which wasn't really a bad thing - I really enjoyed it. But I think I do need to up my game a little, and get involved a little more.
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