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Suspects are guilty - otherwise, they wouldn't be suspects, would they? - Ed's journal
Suspects are guilty - otherwise, they wouldn't be suspects, would they?
I have seen a few places now, expressing the sentiment that Mark Bridger - the man who is in custody, in the April Jones abduction case - should be tortured until he tells them the truth.

I would very much hope that no one I consider a friend believes this. But you know what? If you do, I'm _not_ going to torture you.

Here is the problem - we have a trial by jury system, which must have a jury return a verdict that the person is guilty, beyond reasonable doubt.
And until a jury has done this, the person is innocent.

Now, that's not very efficient. After all, proving something 'beyond reasonable doubt' is not exactly easy - it takes time to gather evidence, and sometimes it doesn't prove it to a high enough standard.

But fundamentally, there is no other choice - history has many lessons for us on this subject - that if we allow mobs to rule, then EVERY minority suffers. Be that because they're kicked to death for being a goth, or not allowed to vote because they're a woman.

We have a jury system, and a democratic political system - not because they're good, and because they're effective, but because as a society, we have PROVEN time and again, that we are not capable of being humanitarian.

So I'd say to you all - please bear it in mind - this man _may_ be guilty. But until a jury - after consideration of the evidence - says: "Guilty, beyond reasonable doubt", then he is as innocent as you are. As innocent as the girl who was beaten to death for being a goth, and as innocent as the child who has gone missing.

If - and only if - he is found guilty - then the situation changes. But even then, we imprison to protect society, and rehabilitate the offender. Torture doesn't do this. It isn't even particularly good at 'finding the truth'. Witches have been burned on the basis of evidence from torture.
I have to say though - I do sympathize with all the people who are angry, frustrated and want the girl to be saved. But a society based on vengeance leaves _everyone in it_ worse off.
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