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Maelstrom - Ed's journal
So, having come back from Maelstrom. The antepenultimate event. (Isn't that a good word?).
On a new character. End of the world is nigh. Things are starting to move. I had a variety of things I couldn't do, because of something else I did. But that was all fun, none the less (Nothing quite like someone trying to pick on you, whilst you're unable to do much about it).

Also: There was Pimms, good company, and socialising. The weather control was turned up a bit from last event. Given the choice between 'cold, huddled around the fire' and 'baking hot during the day, mayhem during the night' I'll definitely take the latter :).

Would quite like it if people weren't _quite_ so uptight come nightfall, but the onslaught of the Evil Dead makes that largely inevitable. I'm now in a place where - admittedly from a short run up - I have a win condition ahead of me, which I probably have no chance of making, but am going to try anyway. (It's probably not entirely congruent with some other win conditions out there, but that makes it all the more interesting).
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