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The alternative lottery - Ed's journal
The alternative lottery
So I have in the past, been a pig about the national lottery. Calling it a stupid tax. (Or a greed tax, which is why I occasionally buy a ticket when there's a really huge jackpot).
But one thing that I can see, is that it's got potential as a 'piece of a dream' - I mean, leaving aside how exploitative that is, you've got a moment to think of what you'd do with it, and the small possibility that it pans out.

So I'd like to suggest an alternative - the 'job' lottery. It's a bit like the real lottery, only it's one where you put in an application for a job that'd be life changing. Be that because it's your dream job, or it's got the best hours and benefits, or just ... well, because it's near somewhere you'd really like to live.

Take a moment to enter each week - there's plenty of websites, but I'd suggest playing in http://www.indeed.co.uk - you may not be qualified, but I guarantee you your odds of 'winning' are a lot higher than getting the jackpot on the lottery. Second prize is a chat, a tour, and a cup of coffee and a chat about what you'd need to get into it.
And even if you don't win... well, you've got your CV and applying skills brushed up a bit. And anyway, it's not like you'd win the lottery, either.

But once you do that, then take a moment to dream about what that job could mean for your future. What it'd be like to live there, or do that, or get paid HOW MUCH?!

(Entry fee is probably cheaper than the lottery, too. At least, provided you're applying for the 'send us a CV' ones...)
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kalkyrie From: kalkyrie Date: March 12th, 2012 10:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
For people looking for analytical jobs, http://www.intelectanalytics.com/ might be worth a look.
My interactions with them have shown them to be solid, and honest.
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