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Your mission.... - Ed's journal
Your mission....
So, you may have spotted word that there's consideration of a Dr Who film going on.
I'll say - for my part - that given most of the recent stories have been - at most - 2x 45m episodes, I don't mind overly.

I do however, worry that declaring a reboot of the franchise means that the central point has been missed entirely - specifically, that in a setting where the central character regenerates, and there's time travel involved, then there really is no need to 'reboot' things.
Part of the appeal of of it, is that the Doctor is a mystery with a lot of history, and we see parts of that story.
To 'reboot' is neither here nor there - it's already been done at least once. Still, why would you want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, when it's entirely unnecessary. Have a new incarnation and be done with it.

But I digress. What I was going to ask - if you had the keys to the TARDIS, and a Hollywood budget, what would you do with it?

I'm thinking that Sir Ian McKellen would make an excellent Doctor. So would Christopher Lee, Patrick Steward, or Alan Rickman. And Hollywood might mean I can afford them.
Two companions I think. Alan Tudyk/Nathan Fillion (both would be good, but I think they wouldn't both fit, so either or I'm afraid).
And ... this might seem an odd suggestion, but perhaps someone like Dita Von Teese. Maybe Anna Paquin.

The story would have to be one of the 'more horror' ones. Because lets face it - Doctor Who is a horror story, in a Sci-fi genre. The very best stories are the small ones. We _know_ the universe isn't going to end, and lets face it - it wouldn't matter to us if it did, because we've no real concept of what that _actually means_. But with a small-ish cast of characters, they're expendable - they can die, in order to progress the storyline.

I really liked the Horror of Fang Rock, of the older stuff. I'd be reluctant to 'redo it', simply because... well, why rewrite, when you've a universe of possibilities out there. But it was in 77, so maybe I'd get away with it :).

Otherwise, I'm not sure - I think it would have to be 'gatecrashing' a historical event, because explaining why 'such and such' happened, is always pretty cool.
I'm not sure which one yet. I think I might have to go for one in the US - for the mass market appeal, and lets face it, British history has been poked at a lot.
So lets go with a Wild West, Ghost town story.
There's a gold rush on, and business is booming, but despite all that... there's still more people going missing, and getting lost in the night than would expect. There's rumours of a skin walker...
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