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A ghost that never was - Ed's journal
A ghost that never was
So, off to Maelstrom later.
One of the things I still have, is a thing steeped in memories. It's my 'Thorn T-Shirt'. It's not much to look at - a tech fabric T-shirt, in olive drab.
But I wore it most of the time as a base layer, when playing Thorn. So it still brings back memories.
It's odd really - Thorn was never real. Was merely a character brought together over the years of playing Maelstrom.
And yet still he persists - I've been used to 'thinking as Thorn' at Maelstrom, and I'd imagine that never quite goes away. After all, it's in playing this character, that's drawn upon parts of me, and gone from there.

It's perhaps odd to wonder who I would be, were it not for that. Would my personality have developed in quite the same way, over the numerous years since Maelstrom started I wonder?

But despite being gone, it's still a memory I treasure. Futility perhaps, but I do still stop and wonder occasionally - What Would Thorn Do? (The answer is usually not something I'd consider, but it still makes me smirk).

So just remember. Next time you see me wearing a plain-ish olive drab t-shirt. I'm probably thinking of mischief.
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