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Job review - phase 2 - Ed's journal
Job review - phase 2
Following on from a previous post on the subject of CV reviews. I presume that everyone's now managed to freshen up their CVs? (And if I've not replied to anyone, give me another prod, as I thought I had)

If not, the offer remains open - I'll happily look at CVs, and give as much feedback as I can.

So the next step: Trying to figure out what you want.

This is _really_ tough. I mean, it's easy enough to think in terms of 'astronaut' 'fighter pilot' or ... well, that kind of thing.
It's much harder to actually pin down what 'real world' jobs you're liable to be able to secure. I mean, I bet there's not many 5 year olds wanting to be an 'office manager' or 'project engineer' when they grow up.

So how do you tell? Well, unfortunately there isn't really an easy way. About the best I can think of is to stop for a moment, and think about the (workish) tasks you find most rewarding.
Now bear with me a minute - but how it works is this - in addition to your education and experience, you have something called 'competencies'. Almost every job can be defined in terms of the competencies it requires - and almost everybody can be defined in terms of competencies that they possess, and importantly enjoy using.

Things like delegation, creativity, customer focus, time management, ... are examples of competencies.
There's various places that have drawn up lists of them, but ... you'll increasingly see on a job spec, in addition to 'hard skills'/education, there'll be competencies.

This is pretty standard on 'public sector' type job specs, and most larger companies are drifting that way. But even smaller companies are effectively doing this - they're just not necessarily as clear about it.

So stop for a moment, and have a think if you will. What sorts of things about your job make you feel satisfied and that you ... well, maybe 'enjoy' is a bit strong, but make you feel fulfilled in your work?
And what sorts of things make you feel the opposite? Uncomfortable, or just generally like you're having a 'crap day'.

The simplest example is 'interaction with people' - do you like dealing with 'the public' or even 'fellow colleagues' on a professional level?
So stop if you will, and consider - what makes you tick? As that's the first part in figuring out what sort of job you'll find particularly satisfying... and in turn, help you figure out how you go from where you are _now_.
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kalkyrie From: kalkyrie Date: July 8th, 2011 01:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
I believe I sent you a CV a while back. If you could take a look at it, it would be good. Main problem with it is probably the lack of 'corporate speak'. I had someone (kindly) tell me off for using the word altriusm in the CV. They suggested I replaced it with 'goal-focused'.
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