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Cool stuff - Ed's journal
Cool stuff
Today, I have mostly been playing with database recoveries.
I've been tasked with putting together a 'backup' of it, where I take a clone of the primary disk, mount it on another server, and back that up - without interrupting service on the primary database (normally databases are hard to backup when they're 'hot' because they've a lot of data in motion and very big files).
That's fairly cool, as 'no downtime' always is.

However what I've been doing today - is grabbing that clone, and using that to recover to the primary device(s).
Restoring the database 'underneath' so I can quickly fix a massive 'oops'. (by quickly, we're talking recoving a database in minutes).

This too, I think is incredibly cool. Not least because I'm getting to do the scripting work to 'make it so' and I always enjoy doing that. And best of all, when you've spent a few weeks pulling something together it's just such a nice feeling when it all works first time.
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