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2010 - not one of the better vintages - Ed's journal
2010 - not one of the better vintages
So, 2010 is over, and ... I think I have to say, it wasn't one of the better years I've had.
It started with a degree of uncertainty about work - In November 2009, I was told that a transfer was imminent, and that started the waiting process, of being told what was going on, week to week.
And it did go, really quite slowly. The year has ticked away, one week at a time, waiting for news of 'how things will be'.
This is in the face of ... well, wanting to move in with the lovely broom_stick but never being quite sure enough about who - and where/when - I'll be working, to be able to do that.
And the year ticked on, I got transferred. The upcoming relocation was news to our line management, so that was another delay, but ... after a bit, we got given our marching orders, and given the option to move or be made redundant in July. 3 months notice, 3 months garden leave. I'd found another job - actually several - but the one I've taken on in the end, took a while to get things sorted. Another ... 6 months or so ... of waiting to hear back.
I start in January, having interviewed in August.
But so goes. The new job is sorted, and whilst I'm a bit apprehensive about the notion of stopping lounging around, I think it's a good career move, overall.
But we still haven't managed to move house, or find somewhere to live - looking didn't start until November, because that was as soon as ... knowing where and when work would be starting. We found somewhere, and it fell through mid December, so it was back to square one, at a time of year where 'everyone' is too busy to do much, it seems.

2010 also had both my grandmothers pass away. From never having attended a funeral, to attending two in fairly close succession.

Still there's been high points. No year is really _all_ bad. Going and flying some owls (and a vulture) at the Hawk Conservancy. An impromptu trip to Italy, to dine in a really nice restaurant, with mrph.
And in the grand scheme of things, I've moved on from a job that I was actually looking to make a change from - but held off, to see how things were going to pan out - and had an opportunity to get a redundancy payout when I did. Which is setting me in good stead for next year, at least.

And of course, the lovely broom_stick and I are still together. Perhaps not quite so overwhelmed with nauseating soppiness, but still letting our relationship grow into something good.

Next year seems to hold my finding a new place to live, rather a lot of weddings, and a new challenge - both in learning to live with someone, and in terms of starting a new job.
So it's looking good, really.
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