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Tomtom LIVE 1000 - Ed's journal
Tomtom LIVE 1000
Just in case anyone else has had a problem with their TomTom Live, not being able to connect to 'services' (e.g. traffic, weather, google search).
You can check status of the mobile network connection, by selecting:
Settings -> Status and Information -> Version Information -> Network.

This shows you 'stuff' like number of bars, connection status, IMEI and SIM ID.
If - like me - you've a problem connecting to services, you might find it's perpetually in 'Connecting...' status, and never 'Connected'.
The fix is actually pretty simple - push and hold the power button for 15 seconds will do a 'reset' of your device (more of a reset than the software option under preferences). This'll make it go re-find satellites and stuff, and reset the phone connection. Which seems to have resolved this particular problem.
Which is nice

For reference, IMEI and SIM ID are device specific. MNC/MCC should be: 23415 = Vodafone - United Kingdom
(mine has a little '+' after it, as well, which I assume means... something)
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