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An odd sort of a Christmas - Ed's journal
An odd sort of a Christmas
It feels a bit like I've missed the run up to Christmas this year.
I mean, I do most years, because I hold off until December to think about it, really.
But this year... well, lets just say this year has had a bit too much sitting around and waiting.
And so it's a week until Christmas, and ... this fact hasn't really sunk in. I think that's partly due to workmates - sorting holidays and coverage, and christmas meals - and partly just because there's been so much Stuff to be done - new job starting in the new year, meaning new place to live, and in turn a bed, a sofa and possibly some kitchen appliances. (or possibly not). And ... well, yeah.

Been doing too much of that this year. I think I'll be writing a post about the year in full, and it'll probably be self indulgent and whiny. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, my life is going pretty well. It's just ... at the same time, I've spent now over a year waiting for specific events to happen 'soon', with employment transfers, redundancy, garden leave, new job, new contract... and so on and so forth.

Ever had a really busy weekend, seeing friends? That's been good, because it's been packed with fun, but ... you're running short on sleep, and have been very active, so by the end, all you can think of is just how you'd like to stop, sleep, and have a LONG soak in the bath?

Yeah. It's a bit like that. Only on a 'year long, this is my life' sort of scale.
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