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Echo Bazaar. Tales of Fallen London - Ed's journal
Echo Bazaar. Tales of Fallen London
I have discovered a new way to waste time.
It's called 'Echo Bazaar' - or Fallen London.
It's... well, hard to describe really. It's a story based game, that you sign into via Twitter or Facebook.
There's a small-ish degree of social networking potential - friends can help out with stuff - but it's not ... well, nothing like the level of annoyance you get with e.g. Mafia Wars (which I stopped playing, because of it). You can get by without pestering anyone at all, but there's a few storylets that are rather fun to share.

The idea is that there's a place called 'Fallen London'. You create a character, and have attributes in dangerous, persuasive, shadowy and watchful. As you do stuff and make choices within the game, your character will develop according to how you want to play it. And that's it, really. As you go, you get some daily actions and get to advance your storyline, and explore the world of fallen London. Sounds fairly straightforward, and so it is, but that doesn't stop it being interesting - to find out the truth of the mysteries within.

It's kinda fun, free to play and can be found Here.
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