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Walnut, Port and Stilton Nut Roast - Ed's journal
Walnut, Port and Stilton Nut Roast
So, what I've done is this:

Get some walnuts, and a few pecans (because pecans are a bit sweeter, and walnuts are pretty sour). Sloosh some port over, and modge up with a hand blender, until you've got a rather delicious nutty-porty slime.

Cook up some rice - about two handfuls - and leave to cool.

Fry up some leek and onion, with some mixed herbs, until they go 'clear' (the onions, not the leeks), and leave to cool too.

Grate (well, crumble) some stilton. Reckon that'll be about 100-200g.

Mix the whole lot in a bowl, with a couple of eggs to stick it together. Add the rice in gradually, because you don't want to have more rice than roast.

Pour into a bread tin (greasing it is probably a good idea) and put in the oven - gas mark 6, for 40m or so.

It's in the oven now. Expect a report in about 40m time, as to whether it was revolting or not.
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