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Crique - Ed's journal
So, having seen it on TV, I figured I might have a go at making a 'crique'.
It's a sort of seasoned potato pancake - or giant hash brown, if you prefer.
First attempt today.
4 medium sized potatos.
Some black pepper.
A small onion.
2 salad onions.
A sprinkle of mixed herbs.
Some olive oil.
A large egg.
4-5 cloves of garlic.

So what you do is:
Chop up your onions, and fry them a little, in little oil on a non-stick pan. Sprinkle a little mixed herbs over there too. That's just to soften them up.

Peel, then grate your potatos (watch your fingers) into a mixing bowl.

Stir in some black pepper and the egg. Crush the garlic into the mix.
Once your fried up onions have cooled off, scoop them out of the pan (try to leave the oil behind) and stir them in too.

Bring your frying pan back up to a cooking temperature, and add a little more oil if you need to.
Pour your mixture over it, using a wooden spoon to 'even it out'. Don't turn it up too hot, as you want it to cook, rather than scorch (but heating it up more after, makes it crispier, which is nice).

Turn it over after a few minutes (sorry, that's vague, but I'm really not sure on cooking times yet. I just used the 'TLAR' system). Flip it like a pancake if you're feeling brave - personally, I put a spare plate in the pan, and turned it over onto that (which is why it's good not to use too much oil) and then put it back in the other way up.

I turned it a couple of times. I suspect with a bit of practice, you'll only need to do so once. But once done, it came out and looked like:

There was a bit too much pepper in there - I'd say a teaspoon was probably about the right amount - but otherwise it turned out quite nicely. Normally it'd be served 'with' something, but this was just a sort of standalone run. I reckon it would make a reasonable choice for breakfast though.
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