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Owls - Ed's journal
Got to the Hawk Conservancy again today, this time to actually attend the Owl Experience.
It was rather marvellous. There's something rather awe inspiring about an owl, ghosting across some woodland, to land on your arm. (And then squeak at you to feed it). Particularly the larger owls, which look huge, but weigh very little - a grey owl's feathers, weigh more than it's bones, and neither are particularly much.

Spent the rest of the day pootling around the Hawk Conservancy some more, and saw Bustards, Bald Eagles and Vultures. And a few others. (Bald Eagles are really heavy. And grumpy. They don't seem to weigh much initially, but having 14lb on the end of your arm gets heavier by the second.)

Managed to grab a photo I quite like:

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