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So, more news on the work front - turns out my 'garden leave' can be… - Ed's journal
So, more news on the work front - turns out my 'garden leave' can be cut short, and I will be paid the remainder.
The job prospect(Storage Administrator job) that had gone quiet for a while, is still in the works - got a call today to say they'd got the new roles approved - they've managed to get their justifications approved (which wasn't too difficult, because it's one of those things that isn't just a case of transferring someone over, for various reasons), and therefore should be making me an offer in the Near Future.
I've also spoken to another recruiter today, about a contract role slough way, and ... reviewed the one I turned down on Monday, because apparently they're still keen to 'acquire my services', and may well be prepared to wait, and re-offer, if I'm still interested. Which I sort of am, because it's a good opportunity, but 3 months vs. finding somewhere to live is a bit messy.

And it's my last day tomorrow, and then I'm out of here. My week next week is doing quite well at getting booked up on me though...
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