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Dilemmas - Ed's journal
So, I'm on the road to job hunting. I've been offered 3 months of contracting, for a 'Big Name' in the industry, and on a day rate that seems quite good.
On the face of it, good news. But the job starts on Friday - which really isn't much time to even think about it, and it's about an hour and a half away.

But it also doesn't allow a decision to be made as regards where to live, because 3 months is almost exactly the wrong amount of time. It's not just 'me' it's 'we' that needs thinking about.
And ... well, is the decision rushed? It's been pointed out to me that I've basically been panicking. That's sort of true, too I think. I am very itchy about the notion of 'being out of work' and ... what I've essentially been trying to do this year (well, this was the plan) was to find a place to move in with someone very important to me.

It's not happened, because of work uncertainty on two fronts. If not more. Which is the problem with this job - it's got some career development potential (industry name etc.) but because it's 3 months 'with possible extension' it's also very hard to find a place to live on that basis.

And it's also a very tight timescale, which leaves nothing in the way of a break after a stressful time at work.
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