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State of the Ed - Ed's journal
State of the Ed
So, in confusion, fun and games.
Extension at work, they need to know by mid next week. On the table is 3 months extra, with all the same bells and whistles - just starting in January instead of October.

I have no idea if I can/want to take that. On one hand, it's another 3 months paid employment.
On the other.... 3 months more stress, before having to do this all over again, looking for work from January. And still not being able to make a decision on what's going on in terms of places to live.
I'm getting very fed up of that, but I'm also ... not sure it's wise to pass it up.

I've heard back from the Datacentre job - that was a 'nope'.
I've heard back from the Storage Specialist job - that's a 'yes, but we're still doing paperwork, because we have to justify new intake'. The guy hiring is very optimistic - the reason they have to do this is because they have people "on the bench" - there's certain things about this job that would be next to impossible to fulfil by transferring someone over from another department.
However, until I get an offer in writing... well, yeah. Can't really go for that.

And I've put in a punt for a couple of others, here and there. A bit of contract, a bit of permanent. Nothing solid as yet. One almost bit my hand off today, after I applied, which is always a good sign I think. But that's down London way, so ... we'll see I guess.
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