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Here and there. - Ed's journal
Here and there.
I'm now firmly ensconced in a place called the Coach house. Quite nice actually, at least on first impressions. I may grumble tomorrow, but it seems enough off the beaten track that there will be no noise at night.
Interviewing tomorrow, and am glad I've had a chance to do some reconnaissance. The place isn't exactly easy to find. Literally requires stopping and asking someone (no signs on the building, no number in the address), which violates my every sense of man-navigation.

The Coach house at least had a sign, even if it was far enough off the road that no driver is ever going to spot it first pass. Still, at least their website had a map with exactly where they were, which meant pulling up in the pub just across made it easy to find.

Time to chill out and have a soak in the rather nice big bathtub I have here. And read for a bit, and get an earlyish night, before a leisurely breakfast tomorrow. Almost as good as being on holiday.
I even have the internet, via netbook + mobile. Sadly no wifi, which hopefully doesn't mean I'll get a nasty data connection bill.
Still, just in case I shall restrain myself from a net surfing spree.
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