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Your right to spoil your ballot - Ed's journal
Your right to spoil your ballot
From: http://www.howtowinelections.co.uk/thecount.htm

These uncertain votes are pulled out by the Returning Officers staff and considered by the Returning Officer and the Agents who can decide that a vote is a spoiled ballot or return it to the count as a vote for a particular candidate if that is their decision. In close elections this can decide who wins so ensure your Agent is prepared to fight your corner.

So basically, the candidates get to see spoiled ballots. Including any personal messages you wish to include on them.

Don't give in to apathy. If you're _really_ discontent with our political system, go and spoil your ballot - so you won't get lumped in with the apathy demographic.
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siryel From: siryel Date: May 7th, 2010 11:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I can only agree with this. If all the people who are unhappy about the system had gone and do that, it would be a lot more obvious that people are pinning for change. May be not the majority, yet a vast amount.
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