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Sushi and Chilli, salt and pepper Tofu - Ed's journal
Sushi and Chilli, salt and pepper Tofu
Last night's attempt at chilli salt and pepper tofu worked beautifully.
I'm not quite sure how, but I got an ever so slightly caramely coating.

I think it was partly down to freezing the tofu first - heartily recommend that by the way, it makes a lot of difference to the texture. Freeze it, thaw it, press it.

When frying, cook it almost entirely before mixing with the veg.
Cook the veg separately, and stir in just long enough to get the tofu 'coated'.
Add soy (3 shooks) and repeat.

Worked nice.

Anyway, the chinese supermarket in town, has oodles of fascinating and strange things, which I'm sure make perfect sense if you know what you're doing with them.
But mostly they had a sushi mat, some seaweed, and all the other ingredients I could need.

Which is nice.


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