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Chilli Salt and pepper tofu - take 2. - Ed's journal
Chilli Salt and pepper tofu - take 2.
OK, so having done it like the man said, I decided to have a go my way.

Wasn't happy with the flavour, and whilst I liked the crispy, it was too crispy.

So I started off with the cornflour, but this time stirred the salt, pepper and some chilli powder into it.
Coated the tofu as before, and fried again. This time, not so long, - just enough to have it starting to feel 'hard' in the pan.
Fished it out, cooked the veg - this time, onion, red onion, couple of shallots and a yellow pepper.

Then put it back in, stirred around a bit more. Added some soy, and dished it.
Worked quite nicely. Needed just a little longer cooking I think, but that's about it.


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