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The Pope - Ed's journal
The Pope
The story of the day:
Pope in attack on UK equality law

In which the Pope declares that being gay is against natural law, and that right thinking catholics should be discriminating against them.

See, my problem isn't that he's an idiot exactly. Well, ok. It is that he's an idiot. But also that he's in charge of the Catholic church. He's no closer to God than anyone else is, because he was elected by other men, who I daresay are similarly bigoted - I mean, why else would you elect someone to represent you.

But ... why does his word carry so much weight therefore? I mean, lets have a religous election by all means, where we get all the candidates to go stand out in a thunderstorm, and the one struck by lightning is made Pope. At least there we have some basis for the whole process not being perverted by corruption, bias and bigotry.

I mean, this one - he's an idiot, but he's an idiot put there by the collective dogma of the Catholic faith. That really isn't all that good a reflection, y'know?

I respect your right to believe - or not - and to choose which faith you practise (although, I'm usually open to debating the subject). Pretty much don't care, until the consequences of that start to hurt other people - I do not believe that 'because of my religion' is allowed to be an excuse for violating a law, nor is it an excuse for being discriminatory.
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crashbarrier From: crashbarrier Date: February 2nd, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
I would defiantely be more inclined to believe that the hand of God is involved in a lightning strike than a ballot box.. Not that i am claiming it to be conclusive proof, i mean it could the God saying he doesn't like the participant...

I respect people have the right to believ what they believe but I do not respect that people have to do things to others "because my religion dictates it" whether it is discrimination, bigotry, assault etc. Given the number of random beliefs around the world, a lot of which involve sacrifical death and or sex.. I would be worried because if the "Because my religon dictates it" defense was allowed then there would be ritual sex and murder going on everywhere. And i for one would not be happy to be raped and/or murdered by ravening religious maniacs under the guise of "Its my religion". Or would this "ruling" only be applied to the Catholic Church , which as we know is "special" and above all other religions in the world.

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