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Protecting us from the terrorists. - Ed's journal
Protecting us from the terrorists.
It's quite hard to argue, as a driver, that ANPR - automatic number plate recognition - is a bad thing. There's ... last I checked, about a million uninsured drivers on the road, and as someone who does pay for his (legally required) insurance, I find it irritating that I might end up with a claim because someone who wasn't insured drove into me.

But the thing is, that - like much of our surveillance tech - can do so much more. Intelligence gathering. Flagging 'suspects'. Catching people wanted for questioning.

It's much the same with the video cameras on the street - who _wouldn't_ want to be safer? Problem is, just because it was caught on camera, doesn't mean they know who did it. But it's all a bit better right? I mean, every little bit that helps the security services, the police or the benefits office catch benefit cheats ... that's all good right?

But the problem I have with it - and I've _always_ had with it - is that ... it presumes a trust in those in charge. It presumes that the person with the power, isn't going to abuse it.

Imagine a world, where the BNP start to win seats in local, European, and national elections. Imagine a world, where people who's political viewpoint you actively disagree with. They could quite well say, were they elected, they had a mandate to do all the things they bash on about - things I personally find distasteful, for all sorts of reasons.

Now imagine those really funky anti-terrorist, anti-fraud, anti- crime surveillance measures, and think to what uses they might be turned.
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sobrique From: sobrique Date: January 26th, 2010 08:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yep :)
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