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Workouts - new threshold. - Ed's journal
Workouts - new threshold.
Well, it seems that the 'New Year resolution fever' doesn't extend to the early shift down the gym. It was deserted, where last night it was heaving.
Got in early, to get a workout, because ... well, last night I got in at 20:55, and that's just too late for a friday :).

Anyway, am quite pleased - I have a newthing - it's a 'Halo' sweatband. Works a treat for keeping the sweat out of your eyes when you're working hard.

Am quite pleased today - I managed to 'do' 1300kcal of workout. Part of which was 9300m in 40 minutes on a rower. It's good to have targets, and make progress towards them, but the problem with this one - 10km in 40 minutes rowing - is that ... it's almost 'sprint' pace, but the time is long enough to make it very tough to achieve.
Which in turn meant I managed to have my heart rate in 'zone 5' for 21m. That's the 90-100% max heart rate zone (171 beats per minute). That is however, an 'estimated' MHR, but none the less, I'm quite pleased - I had no idea I could do that. (The rest of the sesson this morning had 18m in 4: 80-90% MHR, and 17m in zone 3: 70-80% MHR).

Now the reason I'm quite impressed with that (and y'know, maybe inclined to brag a bit) is that there's a marked division between 'aerobic' and 'anerobic' exercise.
Aerobic means - quite literally - 'with air'. It's when you're breathing harder, using the oxygen to react with stored fat to sustain a pace for a long time.
Anerobic is 'without air' and ... well, the kind when you suddenly sprint, and then find you need to stop and breath to catch up - you use sugar in the blood, and let lactic acid build up in the muscles (which is why your muscles ache when you do it). And it's fundamentally not something you can sustain - you will, after a period of working hard start to 'recover' even if you carry on working - breathing hard, metabolising the lactic acid, and replenishing blood sugar.

It's very hard to work for any period of time anerobically - pretty much by definition, it's for bursts of speed - when the cheetah chases something down very quickly. So in practice, you don't - your 'run out of steam' and switch over to an aerobic workload, and you start to utilise available energy by breathing hard and feeling 'muscle burn'.

Definitely not something I could have done this time last year :). (But I really did need that sweat band ;p)
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4givensins From: 4givensins Date: January 8th, 2010 12:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
I was quite prout of my 5km run this morning. But that took just over 30 minutes. I'm impressed by your numbers! Well done! Where do you go to the gym?

Also, what do you use to measure your heart rate? Is there one of those metally things on the rowing machine you use or do you have something hooked up to your chest?

Sorry about all the questions...
Back to work now.
sobrique From: sobrique Date: January 8th, 2010 01:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've got me a Polar RS200 heart rate monitor. Watch thing, with chest strap. For bonus points though, the monitor lets me upload to the web.
It also interacts with _some_ exercise machines - it doesn't work on the rower, but the cross trainer I can set it for heart rate controlled, so it adapts workload according to my heart rate.
Some might consider that vaguely similar to torture (as you're getting tired, it cranks the load up) but provided you set it right (e.g. don't run it at 'high intensity' for more than a few minutes, but leave it at medium for extended sessions) it works fine.

I use the Excel Leisure centre, just off charter avenue, as it's quite close to work.
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