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Christmas leftovers - chinese style - Ed's journal
Christmas leftovers - chinese style
Still got some leftovers from christmas dinner? Bored with turkey sandwiches already?

I tried my second (well, third, kinda) pass at egg (vegetable/special/...) fried rice.

Ingredients were christmas leftovers. So some lamb, bacon, couple of bits of sausage, some onion, some beetroot, a bit of chopped lettuce, pepper (half a red, half a yellow) and would have been about half a chilli, if we hadn't had a toddler to feed. It would have probably included some turkey, if I weren't allergic to it, too :)

4 eggs were used, and a useful amount of olive oil.

About 250g of rice was ample to feed 5 adults and said toddler, along with the 'rest' of a brunch (so couple of sausages, some bacon). If you wanted the rice alone, you might want a little more - I think the bag recommended 75g per person.

Pre cook the rice the night before and leave to cool. I drained it, but didn't rinse it, and I should have done - it worked well enough, but I think it would have been better still if I'd rinsed the rest of the starch off.
Rice was boiled in the pan, but with a dash of olive oil in the water. Strained and drained, and put in a dish to chill out overnight. (Cover/refrigerate). I think it works best if you leave the rice with a minute or so of cooking left on the clock - so it's technically underdone, but just about cooked enough to eat, if you see what I mean - you're going to be cooking it more tomorrow, and that preserves the flavour and texture a little.

Other prep - which can also wait until the next day - is to whisk up the eggs. 1 per person seems about right - we used four, but five would have been fine. Whisk until it's a smooth and fluffy yellow slime, of an even consistency.

Ingredients for next day were fried up - meat first, as that's important to cook through, followed by stuff in order of how cooked I liked it, which was mostly onions first, then all the rest. Use plenty of oil, as you'll be cooking egg and rice in it as well. Either fry, or cover and 'steam' depending on exactly what it is you're cooking - I went for frying the bacon, lamb, onion (And would have done with chilli) until they started to soften, then mixing in the rest of the veg, covering the pan and leaving to steam for about 10 minutes. (Lower heat needed, you don't want burningness)
Wait until your veg is about ready to eat - but again, aim for the 'crispy/not quite done yet' side of cooked, as you've still a little longer to go. But should be hot, starting to soften, and ready to eat standalone.

Uncover, stir in rice so it's well mixed, turn up heat a bit, and wait for rice to start to turn a little bit brown (as in, actually starting to cook from the frying - it's already cooked from the boiling). Then make a little well in the middle, by scooping the rice/veg mix to the edges. Add a bit more oil if you need to - if it's starting to stick - and leave it to warm up a bit - and pour your egg into the middle. Leave it for a bit, so it starts to cook like you would an omlette - the longer you leave it, the larger your egg-lumps will be, which is a matter of taste. But you don't want it fully cooked before you start to stir.
Start stirring it into your rice mix, again whilst keeping the heat fairly high - egg cooks quite fast - a matter of a minute or so.

Total cooking time is about 20 minutes to half an hour. Beetroot is an interesting ingredient, as it'll make your rice go a pinkish colour. Not necessarily a bad thing, just ... be aware that's what'll happen.

All in all, I rather enjoyed it.


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crashbarrier From: crashbarrier Date: December 29th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think I have made a metric shed-load of "stooo" with left over Christmas meat and veg.:).. going to be lunch for work for the next month
queex From: queex Date: December 30th, 2009 01:50 am (UTC) (Link)
We made a Thai yellow curry from the leftover leg meat. IT was bosting.
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