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Masala Tofu + Fried rice - Ed's journal
Masala Tofu + Fried rice
OK, so today's experiment was Masala Tofu with fried rice.
I even have pics, but am not that great at making them work, especially in bad light. So bear with me, and if they're too horrible for your eyes, ignore the pictures entirely.

For masala tofu you'll need yoghurt (natural, set) (a 500ml pot), garam masala spice, coriander, ginger, 2 onions, a bunch of spring onions, some chilli, some tofu.

And for the rice, an assortment of vegetables, some basmati rice, and some egg.

So, first step requires a bit of prep to marinade the tofu - ideally overnight in the fridge.
Chopped up some ingredients for the masala yoghurt - in this case half a red onion, half a green onion, 2 spring onions, half a chilli.
Shallow fried that in some rapeseed oil.

Then mixed that in, along with some ginger (a stump, grated) with the yoghurt in a mixing dish.

Take a lump of tofu, and cube it - cubes work, but they could do with being fairly small cubes - just about big enough to hold together, but with as much surface area as possible for the sauce to stick to. About the size of a fingertip I reckon. For anyone who's not seen/used tofu before, it looks a bit like:

Mix in with the masala yoghurt gets you something like:

Leave that in the fridge overnight.

And whilst you're at it, boil up some rice and leave it to cool - drain it off so it's not starchy, and it won't stick as much.

Next day, you come back to it - actually, you could probably do this same day, but I figure you need at least some time to dunk the tofu in the 'marinade'. And the rice should apparently ideally be 'cool'.

Anyway, with two frying pans on the go at once (which was fun I must say) you need to dump the yoghurty tofu into the pan, and fry it until it's 'dry'. The yoghurt mix will solidify and dry out, and coat the tofu as it does.

To do the rice, you need to start off by again, lightly frying the vegetables that are going in it. I used pepper, peas, chopped onion (red/green/spring) the other half a chilli. I was going to do some beansprouts and maybe some carrot too, but misjudged the available space.

Whilst that's starting, crack some eggs into a jug, pick out the stringy bits, and then beat them with a fork, until you have an even consistency of 'yellow goo'.

Leave that to fry until it starts to soften, but not until it's mush. Then pour in some rice - I used a '4 spoons from the pan' approach, to get about the right amount - and stir the rice in with the vegetables. After about 3-5 minutes, and the rice starting to brown, add in the egg - I used 3 eggs, but that was probably a little too much for the quantity of rice - well, it made it more eggy that I'd imagined, but ... I didn't mind that overly.

Anyway, when deploying the egg, try pouring it 'apart' from the rice/vegetables, so it gets a chance to cook a bit first - depends what consistency of egg lump you want, but if you 'pre cook' and break it up, you get lumps, where if you stir it in direct you get ... well, more of a rice/omelet cross.

Anyway, it ends up looking a bit like:

I quite liked it, because I got to cook the vegetables lightly so they kept some flavour and texture to them.
The original plan was to feed this all to a guest, but illness meant that didn't work out. Which was a little disappointing, but hey, at least I have some spare rice to have another try tomorrow.


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