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A decade onwards - Ed's journal
A decade onwards
Well, as some of you may know, it's coming up on a birthday of mine. I'll be 30 as of tomorrow. Now normally I'd hold off until then to post this, but as I'll be in a field drinking beers with no netlink, I figured I'd hold off.

Y'see, I sort of use birthdays as sort of checkpoints. Opportunities to stop and ponder was has been, was is, and what may yet come to pass. So with that in mind

Work wise, I am content - I am in a job that I quite enjoy, getting paid a useful sum to do it. My outstanding dispute with HR continues onwards (Link) regarding a bodge up on the payscale, but my dispute isn't really about the terms and conditions that I ended up on, and more about them messing me around. I did get a letter from them, that basically re-iterated the thing I already knew, and didn't cover the rest of it. But meh, whatever.

Job is acceptable, and the bits I don't like are gradually improving as I'm learning to pitch them to our service manager as 'service improvement programs' rather than just 'is everyone here a moron or something?'. But whilst that moves slowly, it does appear to be moving as people go 'oh yeah, he's got a point y'know'. Which is good.

Housing wise I remain in Coventry, sharing a house with ehrine, huwjones, malal, oftendistracted. Rent is cheap, and we seem to get along pretty well, barring the odd little bit of low key bickering. The house isn't the tidiest, and the shower seems to still be leaking a bit, but it's a place to sleep, park my car, and spod. So all good really :).
I'm still looking at the housing market though, and still have ambitions to own a place. I'm therefore keeping an eye on the current state of the economy to see how things go. Although, I think I'm artificially making things a bit harder, as my current situation is actually quite good, so I'd want to make a 'significant' transition by doing so.

Healthwise, I've been seeing a doctor about this and that. Started out with investigation for diabetes insipidus, but has since proven negative. Next (non test) appointment is on the 17th of April, so I'll know a bit more then. But I've also been referred in the general direction of a nutrionalist and have a 'full check up' sort of thing in the works with Bupa - that's via the employer healthcare options, and was my choice, but I figured a 'full check' would be handy.
I've been making it to the gym fairly frequently over the last few months - 2-3 times a week, in a lunchbreak. I'll probably be aiming to step up to 4 or so, but like most of my various alternating gym going patterns, it doesn't seem to have done all that much good. So that's part of the reason for going to talk to the nutritionalist.
I'm not particularly unwell or anything, but being 'weary' is just no fun at all either.

Social life is a little less hectic than a year ago, but none the less remains active enough to keep me entertained. Notably over the last 3 months or so, I've been learning to dance with the Mad Hatters on Wednesdays. Looking at their website they start a new 'absolute beginners' cycle in September, but the current beginner cycle finishes ... erm, today. After which I believe they're looking at teaching 'strolls' like the Charleston.

I've been playing a fair bit of EVE Online still - recent updates have kept it fresh and interesting, and still way better for my brain than vegetating in front of Big Brother. It's proven amongst other things, a quite interesting way of meeting people (and in a 'small world' moment, I found that our current EVE alliance leader, had been plotting to kill my character in Maelstrom). Early march saw me off to an alliance meet in Manchester way, and a remarkable small amount of 'EVE stuff' was on the agenda, and I think we spent a lot of time debating politics and political theory. (Which if you've read the book the Star Fraction makes a bit more sense - our alliance is based on some of the notions in it). Was also off to Iceland in November to go to Fanfest, and spend time socialising with fellow EVE geeks.

It also remains actually quite a good primer on basic economics and management. Sounds silly I know, but EVE does have an efficient and functional economy, and certain game mechanics that work much more efficiently as a team effort. So I've been paying attention to what ehrine has been looking at and doing (he does transporty-type things for a living so has some interesting insights that are also relevant for EVE). And more generally getting ... a different outlook on what 'value' actually means. Opportunity costs, and how efficiency, scalability and throughput mesh together when 'producing'. The management part is ... again, a certain amount of teamwork works so much better when you pay attention to what people are good at, what they enjoy doing - much more so in an online game than the real world, because in the real world you can 'bully' people who you're paying. In an online game, you don't get that, and if they're not enjoying it (or at least moderately content) then they play something else.

Maelstrom starts again for the season this weekend (hence why I'll be in a field). 4 events to go this year, and I'm really looking forward to them - there's the social part of meeting people who I've come to know and like, and then the sheer gleeful joy of when the collective storytelling of a LARP event meshes together.

All to the good so far, but then something happened a few weeks ago, that really has turned... well, not so much this year as my life to date on it's head. You see, I'd sort of been a bit of a loner ... even going through secondary school - very much a bookworm, and not so much bothered by 'other people'. And I was sort of proud of my independance, and the happy-go-lucky attitude that went with it, because ... well, there's all sorts of good things. If you repeat something like that often enough, then maybe you start to believe it. Some good solid friends, an active social life, and all the internet I could wish for.

But anyway, I had sort of met broom_stick a few times over the last couple of years I guess, with our paths crossing at parties. A brief spark of curiousity didn't really add up to much until recently, when... well, it seems we both decided we'd like to get to know the other person a bit better. And since then, my illusions have been cut away, as I've come to care for her immensely. I'm still a bit in shock I think but it's in the best possible way. It's suddenly like ... well, everything just seems different. Better. The world around seems to just be brighter and sparkly when she's there.

All in all, a year that started out well, and has ended ... unbelievably wonderful.
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mister_jack From: mister_jack Date: April 9th, 2009 08:57 am (UTC) (Link)
Awww.... ya big soppy lump :)

Glad to hear life is going well for you, good luck with medical nonsense. Don't trust BUPA - the NHS are IME much better.
angryangeltoo From: angryangeltoo Date: April 13th, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC) (Link)

Happy Birthday

:D Hope you had a lovely one
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