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Christmas shopping - Ed's journal
Christmas shopping
OK, so it's not anywhere near Christmas yet. But if you're anything like me, you're just not very good at christmas shopping (or indeed, any kind of shopping).

So, anyone got any awesome suggestions for christmas shopping this year?
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ammos From: ammos Date: October 30th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC) (Link)
This year so far I've finished 1 peice of xmas related embroidery and started 2 more. I'm cooking biscuits and cakes and other goodies for most people.
It depends what you're thinking of. I'm sure we chatted about present buying scheme a while ago. I can test it out on you for you if you like :)
warmage From: warmage Date: October 30th, 2008 03:51 am (UTC) (Link)
How about a Republican-American Zombie Bashing Kit for when McCain get the election stolen for him and we come boiling out over the Pond?

Never knew cricket bats were so damn useful off the pitch.
jorune From: jorune Date: October 30th, 2008 08:52 am (UTC) (Link)
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