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Developments - Ed's journal

Well, things move on suddenly it seems. Duel is postponed, which is nice.


Wait, that's a bit terse isn't it?

OK, well, here's what happened. I've been spending a few of my days doing a bit of spell research. Academic curiousity, given I've learned a few tricks, so basically looking on spell integration of Jewel theory and Broken pattern. Oh, and how to kill the high general of chaos, little things like that.

Jumala dropped by - it seems he's in down because he's heard there's an epic rumble going down, and he wanted to watch, presumably with a big bucket of popcorn.
So anyway, he gets shooed off by the Elders of Helgrim, who fish for some information, and point out that they'd rather I didn't actually obliterate Lintra. Somewhat challenging - whilst a strategic level spell might have worked, toning it down to 'win, but not eviscerate' is several orders of magnitude harder. And I'm not even entirely sure whether it _would_ have been enough.

The point was rendered moot. Jumala was off at a dinner with high company (which he possibly didn't realise just how remarkable it is for someone who's not of the Blood to be invited to dine with the King), something ... unusual happened.

Broken pattern providing an insight, it's as if all the little cracks that are woven together to create the tangled web of the courts, were flexing, and glimmering with light. A light born of pattern.

Someone was "up to something" and this was suddenly made clear when everything ... flexed, stretched and flipped back.

This is bad.

So, an urgent summons to the elders, on my part, and ... Jumala rather bravely uses broken pattern to dive through the cracks and check stuff out. He finds a silver road. A long, straight road leading a ... long way. In his enthusiasm, he proceeds to check it out, and find out what's what.

In the meantime, I'm back in Chaos, getting dragged off to the general vicinity of the Jewel, to figure out what's going on, and see what's what.

Jumala sees 3 statues, and a bearded figure with a staff, some mile or so down the silver road. He's quite quick when he wants to be, so ... basically charges down the road, and proceeds to physically assault the bearded guy. Not _lethally_ you understand, but ... very definitely giving him a good shoeing, like you might a tramp who'd just weed on your shoes or something.

He proceeds with his kicking, hacks his walking stick (or staff if you're so inclined) to pieces, and proceeds to dive through one of a very few cracks in shadow (There were lots on the way in, not so many on the way out) as the staff seems to start exploding.

Having found the Jewel, I'm trying to ... stabilise things. Get that ... thing... that ... wait. It's a bridge. It's a bridge between Amber and Chaos, and it's really very short indeed. That's... quite remarkable, and no mean feat of sorcery, or pattern weaving.

The stabilisation ... well, that goes not so well - opposing whoever was doing it was something of a challenge. At least, right up to the point where Jumala started kicking him in the face, and then snapping his staff to unleash really quite a horrendous amount of racked and stored spells, all at once. Intriguingly (able to pick this up by the jewel) the spells all discharged at once were carrying ... very very complicated admixtures of Pattern, Trump and Jewel all meshed in in places. (Hint for Sorcerors at home: Don't do this. It never ends well, and if you're lucky you'll still have a shadow left to come back to. This goes double if Powers are involved)

This wasn't an ordinary sorceror, by any means. It seems Jumala had just bundled, and kicked the snot out of Dworkin Barimen. He didn't seem pleased, but ... well, Jumala was already gone.

Oh yes, Jumala. Those cracks. Well, y'know how it is at the amber end of things. Not many 'doors' through shadow. Well, he ended up in Castle Amber. (Probably preferable to Tir). He's a very popular man around there, and ... well, his escape went well, up until Fiona took a hand, and put his lights out. Seems she _does_ actually hold a grudge for the 'running off with another family member' incident.

Oh and the duel thing? ERm. Yeah. Seems I might have moved onto the 'useful' ladder, at least enough that Lintra doesn't get to crush me like a bug _just_ yet. I really do need to have a chat with her, later, about duty and not getting side tracked by pettiness. _Much_ later, when I'm in a position to get turned into the new 'Hellmaid whetstone' by suggesting such things.


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