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Dragon Emperor - Ed's journal
Dragon Emperor
Just been to see Dragon Emperor with the lovely jambon_gris.

It's a splendid example of how high budget does not turn a B movie, into an A movie.

And definitely a film to take beer into.

That's not to say it wasn't enjoyable, but ... well, lets just say it was like Dead Or Alive but with more SFX, and less 'bounce'.

Very definitely a heckle and bring beer film, rather than a 'spend money and study intently' kind of film.
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tya From: tya Date: August 21st, 2008 03:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I was disappointed. The humour wasn't and the action sequences didn't (they'd got Jet Lee FFS and barely used him!). Dialogue was stilted and the special effects weren't all that special. Certainly not hugely improved from the original.

Oh and the replacement for Rachel Weisz was dreadful.

Real shame because the first two I liked a lot.
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