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'strom. - Ed's journal
Maelstrom is this weekend.

Am looking forward to it.

But I suspect it will be quiet as I remain calm, and meek, and just generally stay out of trouble, and don't annoy any one.

Quietly party a bit, and write letters to the lovely 'Religion' team (now branded by orange hattery) in my special 'oh god, my eyes' red pen.

Weather is looking a little inclement, so I shall be bringing extra handwarmers with me.

And am vaguely pondering a meal on wednesday evening, as I believe we have zaitan joining us. And also thinking that lunch at the farmhouse on Thursday is also definitely in order. (And not least because this means Go Outdoors will be readily able to supply us with camping gear).

Might even consider popping to the gym thursday morning, but that kind of weighs in the balance of 'good night's kip and long lie in'.

Maelstrom also counts as an exemption from my 'not drinking' thing, so that's good too. I suspect some warmin' spirit will be in order. Chilli vodka anyone?

Vague plans involve getting to side a bit after it opening on Thursday, and shopping after.

Or maybe shopping before. I'm not entirely sure, it depends a bit on how car space goes, and timing and whatnot.

Friday, we did mumble about the possiblity of going and visiting the army surplus place, as it's actually a bit nearer there than here.

But I'm less bothered now, because I'm not daft enough to buy a new pair of boots, just in time to inflict agonising pain on myself by wearing them for 3 days and wandering around lots.

I am looking forward to this.
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crashbarrier From: crashbarrier Date: March 19th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Isn't there an army surplus store in the shopping area in Bromsgrove? accross from the Morrisons?

I think this is that site.
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