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Amber: Ramius' Diary: 6 - Ed's journal
Amber: Ramius' Diary: 6

There's an adage "may you live in interesting times".

It's an interesting phrase. It seems that I am living in 'interesting times'. It seems Tremayne's esrtwhile employer is none other than Lady Dara. She seemed a little ... vexed, but refrained from immediately eviscerating me.

She's layed out the situation, and pointed out that my life expectancy is about as long as it takes the king to finish signing my death warrant. Personally, I feel that that would be somewhat unfortunately. There's apparently a bit of dispute as to whether ... acquiring the jewel was treason or not. But y'know, accusations of treason just get so very messy.

Anyhow, I've been suggested a course of action, that might just turn out as 'least worst'. Conveniently, this also suits my general ... academic curiousity if you will.

So much drama about, in the courts. It seems Lintra is still grumpy and holds a grudge, and ... well, my 'job for life' has been passed on to someone else. So my third way is to find a new 'job for life', that involves being moved me a step or two up the 'expendability' scale. At the moment, I think I'm about a rung above 'more trouble than worth, destroy immediately'. Which is still, better than being on a near future decisive action plan, I guess.

Quite why the seem so peevish, I don't know. I mean, it was clearly unreasonable to leave the Jewel in the hands of Amber, and it was also ... well, just too good an opportunity to pass up as a chance to study. But clearly this was entirely because I wished to elude persuit, rather than anything else. OK, if I'm honest, that's a rationalisation, but it's not like I didn't _intend_ to hand it over to Chaos, I just got ... sidetracked.

Y'know, the list of people who are both capable of keeping hold of it, and yet that I'd trust to not use it as a cassus belli, or worse the tool for re-ordering the universe athat it is, is actually really very short indeed. Sort of 'one person' kind of short. Pointing out to someone though, that you weren't going to cede possesion of it to them, because you figured they'd go meglomaniac despot, isn't exactly diplomactic though.

So what's the more diplomatic approach? No, or 'maybe'.

My near course of action seems to present an opportunity to take a unique, and hopefully indispensable position. And present a measure of risk in doing so, but nothing a well turned out Lord of Chaos shouldn't be able to handle.

Unfortunately, I seem to be running short of hidden aces, so I might need to give consideration to arranging a few more.

Ah well, I guess I just get to try survival first, and leave the decision to history second.

Oh, and that bit about interesting times. It's supposed to be a curse.


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