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Amber: 5 - Ed's journal
Amber: 5

So. When last we left Ramius, we were just about to 'ransack this place for shit'.
Well, so duly noted.

We proceeded to check out the Empty House. Seems we weren't the first looters, by a long shot. Oh well.

Got abruptly interrupted by something big and gribbly. And then Sand telling us that the big and gribbly thing that was about to interrupt us was about to do so ... permanently.

Not quite sure what the hell Sand was doing there mind, unless it was her who'd been doing some looting.

But anyway. Cue a swift exit. Trump, double jump. Hopefully hard to follow, at least quickly enough that when Tremayne started shadow sliding, we wouldn't have anyone on our tail.

Not quite sure where he was heading, and it concerns me. But given this is Tremayne, it's unlikely he's got anything devious in mind.

Jumala on the other hand ... hmm. Yeah, he's shifty.

Sand indicated that she knew him. He's either good faker, or hadn't a clue what she was talking about.

Oh yes. As we jaunted off, in our convertible with Tremayne pattern sliding, we ran into first Sand, who threatened us a bit, and then Steve, who dropped Orinda off.

That pirate galleon of his is still very strange. Shadow seeking, and crashing into praries whilst shouting 'yarr' not withstanding.

Orinda seems to have changed tack from 'back to work' to 'stay out of trouble'. I'm not sure if this is re-assuring or not.

So anyway, it's Myself, Jumala, Tremayne, and Orinda. In a convertible, bimbling through shadow, swigging some of Steve's finest whiskey.

It all seems very surreal. But it has been a very long day. A VERY long day.


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mister_jack From: mister_jack Date: February 12th, 2008 10:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Shifty? Shifty? Why, sir! I'm insulted.
(Deleted comment)
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