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Amber: Ramius' Diary - Ed's journal
Amber: Ramius' Diary

Well, that's a turn out for the books.

Last you heard from me, was shortly after I'd been kidnapped by a demon.

Seems it was approximately at it's own initiation, but partially I suppose at the behest of one of my persuers through shadow. (Who seems to have some quite funky weaponry, but with all the fuss, I don't think I've caught his name thus far)

Demon starts a bit of a smacktalk, and is interrupted by a masked gentleman (who later reveals himself to me as Tremayne. Not entirely sure what he's doing chasing me around shadow, but I suspect it's got to be _something_ to do with Amber and the Jewel).

Anyhow, this demon gets a bit snarky at getting interrupted, but seems to have been bound not to hurt 'people of the blood'. Which given it's demonstrable power so far, presumably is the only reason we're still alive.

But it's agenda is to cast the Jewel into the abyss, and return to the serpent - it wants to restore the demon primacy to ... things. This would have consequences, and none of them would be pleasaant for the inhabitants of what they think to be firm and solid reality.

Not an option. At least, falls into the 'pry it from my cold dead fingers, bitch'.

So, as it was unable to do any prying, and we were unable to leave, it seemed at something of an impass.

At least, until an unexpected third party arrived, who... actually settled the dispute quite effectively.

The Serpent.

It didn't want it's eye back. At least, not yet. There will be a time, but that time is when the thrones of Aamber and Chaos is vacant, and the husband of the Unicorn is dead.

But it admonished me to 'be wise with what I did with it'. Great.

But not yet, is the important point. The demon, who was for some reason, somewhat reluctant to declare a name (can't think why) ... essentially shut up at that point, and went away again.

Leaving us the hike out of ... well, about 5miles below the Courts, in a place which might or might not be part of the Abyss. Sticking around to find out, seemed unwise.

So, upwards and onwards it was. A long and winding road, leading to ... an empty house. The family crest of Barimen I think, or I miss my guess by quite some.

And in the immortal words of Tremayne: "Cool, we need to ransack this place for shit".

I have my hot potato still. And I'm increasingly realising that there are few that I would trust to ... well, not abuse what is one of the artifacts of creation.

The list, is in fact, extremely short. The rightful owner has indicated a lack of desire. Which incidentally, may well prove extremely useful, particularly if combined with some judicious 'lying through the teeth'.

Suhuy has more or less excused himself. Both because ... well, being Logrus master, might be somewhat incompatible with holding the Jewel. And also he seems ... well, lets just say there's another reason why that might be unwise in the extreme.

Any of the houses, much though they might desire it ... well, some that do want to use it to make a bargain with the Serpent, for when reality ends. That's a no. Even if the Serpent _did_ want it, I'm still somewhat loath to end the Universe. I mean, if I did, where would I keep my stuff?

The other houses ... well, might consider not using it. But it's a frightfully big temptation, and ... well leads to a measure of danger.

Returning it to the King? Might have 'implications'. He's vaguely neutral as the balance of power within the courts go (e.g. he's at the top of the pile, so giving him the loot wouldn't change things in that respect) but ... well, he too, represents a position that might become unstable.

The scales remain balanced, and at equilibrum. But to add such a weight to either end might just be ... trouble, in the extreme.

Amber of course, remains right out. Concerns about what Dworkin would do, with his regathered faculties... well, again, seems just a little too much.

I'm rather starting to suspect that I've condemned myself to a balancing act, keeping this ... bauble in play, and out of the hands of everyone else. And I can't even find somewhere safe to stash it, because as far as I can tell, the only place it can 'sit' without having a quite noticable impact after a while, is right back there in Amber.

The only people powerful enough to keep this item safe, are also the people powerful enough to ... make use of it. And powerful enough to seek to do so for their own ends. I'm carrying it, but cannot make use of it. I'm not sure that I'm powerful enough to keep hold of it, but I might be, if I can persuade the competition that all our interests are served thus. Not that they can necessarily be persuaded to trust _me_, all things considered, but ... sometimes the path of least resistance is the one to follow.

This is something of a sorry mess, which might be served eloping once more. If I thought that would help much. Ah well, maybe the ransacking of the House of Barimen will prove... inspirational.


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