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Supreme Commander Forged Alliance - Ed's journal
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Last night, I finished the last mission of the Supreme Commander Forged alliance.
I've now played through as all three of the factions (UEF, Cybran, Aeon).

Each mission clocks in at good hour or three each. Depends on exactly how you do it, but they're all pretty good. The do the usual 'and an new objective has popped up, operational area expanded' type mission progression, so your 'opening' map grows as you're going on.

In some ways, I like that, as it does present a way to actually give the AI a chance against a human player. In others, it annoys me - one mission my commander was nice and snug building some artillery at a map edge, but then the area expanded, and he got ganked by a massive invasion force.

There's 6 new missions - they vary a bit based on which faction you play, but broadly, they're similar. However the wealth of supreme commander is also in the online play and 'skirmish' mode fighting against computer players. The latter is very definitely a challenge, especially when you go up against multiple 'supreme' AI computer players.

Much like the original supreme commander, each of the races have similar niches for their units.
They all have a T1 and T2 anti-air unit, a light tank, a missile launcher etc. etc.

The races are all pretty well balance between each other, so I'm sure it comes as not real suprise that the new release is more about general gameplay fixes and UI. There's a few new units and structures to keep us entertained, but not all that many, and mostly to fill 'gaps' in the list, more than anything else.

New stuff wise, you get a bunch of new units.
The ones I think are especially cool are:
UEF T2 'shield cruiser'
UEF T3 battlecruiser (anti-ship)

Aeon T3 missle ship (spams missiles, ludicrous range)

Cybran Hive/UEF Kennel both T2/upgradable, provide 'engineering assist' to anything in their area. (Repairs, construction, factories)

Cybran T2 'counter intelligence' ship. Stealth field thingy

Cybran T3 perimeter sentry - it's a (fragile) structure, with a HUGE visual radius.

Aeon T3 Rapid fire artillery. Like a normal T3 artillery, but fires 'scattershot' really fast.

UEF T3 air transport.

UEF T2 'combat engineer' - normal engineer, can only build 'combat' structures. Gets some shields, a not all that great gun, and a not all that great anti-air, and a jammer and radar. Annoyingly though, it can't build all the structures I consider 'key' parts of a firebase, but it can certainly start and slap down shield generators, and a couple of point defense/anti-air batteries. (It'd be nice if there was some kind of T3 construction option though)

UEF T3 point defense.

Aeon T3 'scrying' thing, which basically creates a visual radius (not all that big) anywhere you like on the map. And you can move it at will.

Oh, and the UEF get a 'sattelite control centre' experimental thing that flies, is invulnerable (until you kill the structure), and zaps things mildly.

The Cybrans get a new experiemental unit, which seems to be a monkeylord crossed with a fatboy.

And the Aeon get an experimental called the 'paragon' which is an infinite resource generator. Which is just plain sick and wrong, but also almost worthless in a multiplayer game - it takes longer and more resources to build than the mavor, so if you do actually get one online, your opponent probably should have already lost anyway.

There's a few other units here and there, but they're mostly interesting fillers in the unit chain, rather than something 'new'. (e.g. higher tier gunships/submarines that kind of thing)

The Seraphim I haven't played with much. They're all new and shiny, but again, nothing particularly new and revolutionary there. They have a bomber experiemental, an assault bot experimental, and a nuke launcher experiemental. The first two are eminently useable and cool. The latter takes forever to build. But if you do, you've won, so *shrug*. Now I think on it though, I'm not entirely sure if I saw any 'new and interesting' seraphim standard units/structures. T3 mobile shield generator, I guess is one that's stuck (and to be fair, it's pretty impressive)

Generally though, I liked the UEF before for a whole load of reasons. And the new stuff has only added to that. They've spread out a bit I think on the 'racial schtick' thing, with the new units, making the cybrans even more intel/counter intel, aeon offensive power, and UEF defensive power.

Oh, and they've tweaked the gameplay in a few areas, such as making nukes MUCH harder to get in play (build really really slow now) and experimentals seem quicker/easier/cheaper to build. But also not as much of an 'i win now'.

They've also updated some of the UI, like allowing for 'build templates' - groups of structures to build together (select the structures, press SHIFT+T. If your unit can build them, then you'll see a 'templates' tab, next to the T1/T2/T3/T4 buttons.). And streamlined the whole thing a bit, with all the 'info boxes' being little tabs you can minimize/expand. Oh, and having an 'idle engineer/factory' bar on the side, to allow you to quickly and easily select by type and tech level.

This expansion (despite it's a standalone game) isn't really any form of revolution. The new missions are ... well, not as many as in the original. The new units and UI are valuable additions to the game, but aren't irreplacable. If you liked the original supreme commander, you'll like this. If you don't, you almost certainly still won't. It's a worthy upgrade, don't get me wrong, but the original was an epic leap, and this is just a bit more polish on top.
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