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Fingers and stuff - Ed's journal
Fingers and stuff
Well, my finger is doing a very good impression of growing another one. I have a blister covering the first two segments, that's about as wide as it can get.

Fun. Never mind, it's a sign of healing, and that it's "only" a second degree burn. Dread to think how much gunk is in a blister that size though. Hope I don't manage to burst it...

This SINergy session was great fun, I enjoyed immensely. Reffing is _fun_. Particularly because a) you know what's going on b) you get to just do NPC cool stuff at intervals.

Not quite sure why my character didn't make it, but provided they'll let me again next month, I'll once again be donning the yellow jacket.

Little disapointed that I didn't get more (any) people with illegal cyber. Then again, I'm pretty confident that those with were careful to avoid the C-SWAT mooks.

Ah well.

Car service today. 180 beer tokens. But running sweet and smooth again.
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