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Bourne Ultimatum - Ed's journal
Bourne Ultimatum
Went to see Bourne Ultimatum last night, for a preview show.

It's the last in the story line started by Bourne Identity, and Bourne Supremacy. It doesn't disappoint at all. It's got a nice, fast pace to it. The plot unfolds elegantly and cleanly. And there's a ... real ruthlessness to all the sides involved, which is just glorious.

There's some really stupendous action sequences, in a similar sort of theme to the previous films (e.g. fight scenes that really do come across as 'fighting dirty').

About all I can say is if you liked the previous Bourne films, catch this one at the Cinema. You won't regret it.

Oh, and pick up a copy of the book. It's not really in any way related, apart from a few similar names, but ... well the book is very good too, and well worth a read if you like the genre. Actually, because it's 'different enough' the book doesn't ruin the film and vice versa.

This is definitely going on my 'Buy on DvD list', and actually, I'm tempted to go see it again at the Cinema.

Whilst there, they trailed 'Shoot 'em Up' which also looks like a 'must see' film. Unfortuately, the 'net review scene, is calling it as a turkey, so maybe not :/ http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0465602/
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zaitan From: zaitan Date: August 17th, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
I would probably watch the latest Bourne, as the first two were fairly good.

I have, however, been reading about Matt Damon and the director slagging off Bond. What a bunch of eejits. I know that there is far too much sycophantry and fawning when it comes to the luvvies, but to have a go a Bond is a bit much. I know that it was getting a bit too silly leading up to Casino Royale, but I would always enjoy a good bit of escapism.

You could criticise the Bourne series of films as being nothing like, and inferior to, the books. Pretty boy should just keep his head down in case people start shouting Maattttt Daaaaammoonnnnnn.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 4th, 2007 12:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Perhaps you read that second (or even third) hand? ;)
I seem to recall that Mr. Damon's comments on the matter were perfectly reasonable. Mind you, I wouldn't particularly file him in the "pretty boy" category either - he comes across as a fairly astute kind of guy most of the time.

Here is, I believe, the infamous comment being referred to (and usually twisted out of context!):

"Q. What do you think about being compared to an iconic film series like James Bond?
Matt Damon: The Bond thing I understand the comparisons because they’re both agents and its the world of espionage and all that. But the characters really are so fundamentally different that they almost don’t bear comparison. The Bond character is anchored in the 1960s and in the values of that time. It’s so anachronistic to put it in the world that we live in today that Mike Myers made a fortune making his own spy trilogy about that and what happens when you pull somebody from that era into today. It actually makes great comedy. We’ve talked about this before, the Bond character – he’s an imperialist and a misogynist and he kills people and laughs about it.

He drinks Martinis and cracks jokes and that’s just so different from the Bourne character who is not with the government; the government is after him. He’s got this one woman he’s in love with, so he’s a serial monogamist – she’s dead but he does nothing but think about her. He doesn’t have the support of all the gadgets and he feels great remorse for the things he’s done. He feels compassion for others and he’ll hurt when he does things that hurt people. He’s evolving as a human being, he’s growing as a human being. It’s not better or worse [than Bond], it’s just different and it’s impossible to compare I’d say."

That all sounded acceptable enough to me. Certainly not an idiot's response, and not particularly fawning or sycophantic either - a shrewd concluding sentence for an actor being asked such a question, I would say!

For the full interviews that contain this quote:

zaitan From: zaitan Date: September 4th, 2007 02:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Man, I hope you are getting paid to go through the blogosphere and comment (anonymously) to 3 week old comments.

Ok, so I maligned your "pretty boy" Matt Damon. The media have a habit of twisting things and taking them out of context, your (presumed) paymaster should know what they are like and have a thicker skin.

I guess you are on piece work here because you did not read my comment properly. I did not say that Matt was fawning or sycophantic, quite the reverse. I do hate the dharlings going on about how "fantastic it was to work with them and I want their babies etc". So in a way it was refreshing to hear someone not talking like that.

What is wrong with a few wisecracks, speak to any ambulance tech or worker in a hospital. After a while the way you stop going nuts from the stress is to make it into a joke. Bond has been round long enough to have a suitable coping mechanism to the horror of his job.

The bit that provoked my ire was some of the comments of the director. Although these were probably twisted by the media as well.

TBH, the thing that makes it utterly pointless is that neither series of films can hold a candle to their respective books.
jorune From: jorune Date: August 18th, 2007 08:42 am (UTC) (Link)
One good thing about the film:
The director set himself a difficult task in trying to mix together frenetic action sequences and character scenes with one or two actors. He did a good job in creating the action and getting the right intensity from his actors. Full marks go to David Strathairn, Joan Allen and Matt Damon for doing so well. Bonus marks go to youngest of them all, Julia Stiles for being as good as the rest of them. I think she has a big future ahead of her.

One bad thing about the film:
Too much shaky camerawork. It's supposed to be inviting the audience to see Bourne's world as shaky and full of untrustworthy people. In that respect it works but it seems out of kilter with me as a watcher of other people. When you having a conversation with someone, even if you're excited, it's rare for people to bob around and twist their head so much. Flail and wail their arms and body, kick out their legs but in terms of eye contact we generally seek to maintain it or avoid it. Some of the fight sequences were overly shaky. On the other hand the shakiness in flashback sequences worked just fine.
wildwolfy From: wildwolfy Date: August 18th, 2007 12:03 pm (UTC) (Link)


Just figured I would post a hello to a friend I have neglected. Hope all is well :) Val has kept me updated abit on your life hehe. soo HI HI
sobrique From: sobrique Date: September 4th, 2007 12:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: hey

Hey, you snuck a post in.

Hiya. How's it going? I'm still on the same gmail address, if you want to drop me a note.
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