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Work and exams - Ed's journal
Work and exams
I'm off work today, because I had an exam.
It was 'EMC Storage Technology Foundations'. I wasn't that fussed - it's one of these levels of exam that I _should_ have just been able to trundle through hungover and tired.

And it was. 85% (pass mark's 67) and all done in 40 minutes. (1:45 exam)

The only reason I signed up for it, was it's a prereq for another exam. (yay!)

Now, I don't think much of certifications, but apparantly there's some kind of supplier-vendor relationship which gets lubricated by bits of paper.

So, I'm now 'Associate' level certified, for doing a bit of paper that covers some very basic details of my professional area of expertise.

Woo woo, I feel special now.

Went to the gym afterwards, for a bit of exercise and lounging by the pool reading. (In that order). Nearly managed to row 2k in 8 minutes, but was a bit short of it. (8:10. Did 500m in <2m on 3/4 of them).

Oh well, nice lazy way to spend a day.
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purp1e_magic From: purp1e_magic Date: August 10th, 2007 05:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Pieces of paper are very important in our world. Your new piece of paper says "I know at least this much." I know a lot of people who can talk the talk to get into a job. It's hard to tell the difference as a recruiter who doesn't know the technical aspects of the work involved, and it can even be difficult for someone who does know the field to catch them out sometimes. Admitedly, all the people I know who've done this learn so fast on their feet that within a fortnight in a new job they will actually know everything they implied they did in interview. But still you take a chance. With a qualification, you don't have to take that chance.
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