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Judgement - Ed's journal

White, Black, Asian, Male, Female, Tall, Short, Fat, Skinny, Goth, Townie, Ugly, Pretty, Blonde, Ginger, long haired, short haired.

These are all potential criteria for making a judgement.

The culture today is one where everyone is told that they shouldn't make judgements. And at the same time there is discrimination.

Today I read a thing, from a friend who I consider wise.

"We all make judgments, it is our criteria and the conclusions we draw
from having these fulfilled that need to be examined"

And I've thought about it. It's so very true.
So I'd say to you that it's _OK_ to make judgements. Don't be blind to these things about people you know. But check the basis of what you're judging.

I've done it. I daresay everyone has.

I know someone who talks a lot. Has an annoying habit of interrupting conversations. This person has been a good friend for several years.

I know someone who's moderately useless when it comes to time keeping. But they're also clever, witty and fun.

I know someone who's black. But they're clever, quick witted and talented.

I know someone who walks a bit odd, and looks a bit odd. But I've never yet seen him walk away when someone was in need. That is a level of courage that is truly admirable.

I know someone who has trouble speaking clearly. Who suffers from a measure of deafness. It means that they can be difficult to talk to. This person is worth the time of understanding. They're enthusiastic, creative and caring. And I can only think that if I've made this erroneous judgement, then perhaps I'm not the only one. Through it all, this person has continued, and remains enthusiastic. I admire that spirit.

I hope they can forgive me of making these judgements. I managed to put them aside at the time, and have come to realise this:

These things are skin deep.

If I'd stuck with my judgement and didn't bother any more, then I'd never have gotten to know them. I'd have missed out on knowing people that today I consider friends.

I believe that it is important to make judgements.
But next time I do, I'm going to stop and think for a moment. What I'm basing this decision on?

I want people to judge me on the basis of what I think, what I'm like to talk to, and understand my view of the world. I don't want to be judged as lazy and loutish because I'm overweight and I like to drink beer.

So next time you feel that you're getting annoyed with someone, or that you dislike them, or that you think they're stupid, stop for a moment, and think how you made that judgement. And then consider whether that has more weight than the beauty of the person inside.

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