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Terrrabites - Ed's journal
Today, I have mostly been playing with disks.
Lots and lots of disks.
Well, actually not all that many, after all they are 268Gb each.

But ya'know, it's kinda fun to be messing around with terabytes of storage.

My lovely new clariion CX3-40, has been connected up, and is ready to use.
So I have created 7 RAID 5 sets, of 5 258GB disks, (1071Gb per 'chunk') divided them up in half, to 536GB LUNs (logical units, sort of like a virtual disk) and then presented them to 5 new servers.

And then on said new servers, used Windows 2003 dynamic disk, to create spanned volumes of 1.5 (ish) TB in size. (on 3 of them, 2 had only 1Tb each).
Microsoft have finally provided a half decent disk management product, called diskpart. It's got a command line and everything. Of course, I wouldn't be too suprised to find it's got a lot of linux code buried in it, but it's the thought that counts.

And for an encore, I added 250 and 200Gb to a couple of file systems on our NAS (network attached storage).

Total for the day? A little over 7 TB. Of course, given RAID 5 using 1 disk out of 5, (in that configuration) and the hot spares (3 of them) that's actually 9250Gb of disk space.

I just love that feeling of power. Mwhahaahah.

This is inbetween my 'turn' as duty dispatcher for the 'Centralised Computing' helpdesk calls.
Which basically means I get to dish out helpdesk calls to people. Now, I _could_ read through them, fill in the pertinent details (by talking to users) and then either deal with them myself, or hand them off to the appropriate person.


Far more fun to just assign calls to the person who spoke last. Or just vaguely irritated you most recently. Or just 'because'. 's great.

(And I'm still sniggering over that blog I linked:

"People actually send GM calls to complain about a blog where I kill people who make stupid GM calls.")
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