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Travel by train - Ed's journal
Travel by train
Caught the train into work this morning. Car's in for a service, and I've been meaning to.
Door to Door time, about 45 minutes, which is tolerable. It's about the same time as driving, and means I can read on the way. (For some reason, the police don't like me reading whilst driving, can't think why).

Problem is, the train I was going to catch, the 0720 appears to not actually stop in Rugby, and so I ended up catching the 25 minutes late 0700.

14 minutes on the train, and the rest a vague bimble to and from stations.
£4.50 base fare, but I suspect if I traveled regularly I could find some manner of discount.

Now, reliability is a concern, because ... well it's frustrating to be running early, and end up being late because of the unreliable service. Then again, with flexi time at work, that's less an issue.

I may try this a few more times, to see just how unreliable the service is. After I check the actual timetable again of course.
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zaitan From: zaitan Date: August 21st, 2006 02:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
At least you would not have to fork out anywhere near as much as Charlotte does to get into London every day. £3300/year!!!

Although it does have perks like functioning as a travel card for as many people as she likes. Although it took her ages to realise that you could to this. So all the friends who visited were paying full whack. Doh.
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