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This Weekend - Ed's journal
This Weekend
Well, it's Thursday today.
And aside from being 'pub lunch day' at work, it's also the day when I start plotting and scheming for this 'ere weekend.

So, my thoughts run to:
Friday: Pub. Possible curry/Monsoon before hand (Turmeric Gold was nice, but more a 'special occasion' kind of restaurant.). If there is curry before, then it shall be Monsoon 19:00, Whitfriars 20:30 (ish). (If not, it'll just be Whitefriars, 19:00).

Please comment if you'd be interested in some vaguely spicy food.

Saturday: Usual Gym/Swim thing about 12:00 - 14:00 (that's when the kiddywinks aren't in the pool). If you're not a member, then they charge £10/day (which is a bit steep, I admit, but they do want to encourage membership signups). Food afterwards ish, 14:30 Pizza hut buffet perhaps? Films there's something of a shortage of this weekend - Over the Hedge is about the only one that looks vaguely eye catching. That's running at the Odeon at 16:30.

Sunday: There shall be a picnic in the memorial park, initiated by mhw who despite the revolting colours of his journal, has had such a splendid idea.
The idea is very simple. Show up at the park gates at 13:30. Bring with you stuff for a picnic. The forecast is looking a little inclement, so if someone's thinking of driving, I've a gazebo. I'm not planning to though, since then I can bring a few beers along :), although I suspect I will go shopping beforehand for 'nice things to eat' (fresh bread and the like).

For this reason it seems likely that I'll skip the 'usual' breakfast plan, and maybe look to go swimming first thing instead.
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velvet_nothing From: velvet_nothing Date: June 29th, 2006 08:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Curry sounds nice :o) I haven't had curry in ages.
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