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Beer! - Ed's journal
Well, tomorrow being friday, I feel I shall be having to be visiting the Whitefriars. If all goes to plan, I should be back in Coventry in sufficient time to do so (comfortably).

The prospect of curry (or alternative) beforehand strikes me as an appealing one, assuming of course there are other interested parties.

On a vaguely related note, my plans for saturday involve swimming about noon-ish, when the hordes of screaming brats are no longer in my way, a lunch, probably pizza hut about 14:00 - 14:30 or so, and then going to see X-Men at the next available showing at the Showcase.

Next weekend, assuming my boss has actually _approved_ the damn holiday there shall be a camping trip down towards cornwall. Shall be travelling 'fer sure with ehrine and lostdreamer666 and perhaps anyone else who wants to come along.

Following weekend shall be Maelstrom, which will be fun :). I have Plans, of the 'turn it into a party' kind of way.

Lunch today, was Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding. Something I'm rather partial to. This was a source of much delight from the Germans on this training course. My entertainment was in watching them trying to figure out what the hell a 'Yorkshire pudding' actually was.

Today has been good stuff learned on training. Most significantly, snapshots and how to properly (ab)use them in our production environment.
It's actually remarkably straightforward, once you 'get' the concept of what a snapshot actually is*.

Our instructor has informed us that the 'functionality' is free, if you're using the command line, but the 'management' via the web interface is a licensed option (e.g. costed). He also pointed out that the GUI doesn't actually _check_ the license, so you can just turn that 'bit' off and on again.

So I shall be firing that up on monday, and hopefully making our helldesk vaguely more happy at the prospect of 'instant timetravel'. Looking at what we've got, it's possible to snapshot hourly over the last day, half daily for the previous week, and any combination of snapshots that adds up to 24.
So the requests we've had of 'well I was working on it, but I've just deleted it' gives us a recovery timeframe that's somewhat finer than 'restore from backup, from yesterday'.

* snapshot is basically a 'point in time view' of a disk. You make a note of how it 'looked'. When 'stuff' is written/deleted/modified, then the _original_ data is copied to some spare storage first. So your 'snapshot' can see the 'current' filesystem, and all the changes made since it was taken. Between the two, it can let you access anything 'as it was' but without wasting huge amounts of diskspace/tapes creating multiple copies.

Tonight I shall most likely be seeing my parents in Covent Garden. I may have to go there via Tottenham Court Road, where there are many marvelous bookshops.

Peter F. Hamilton's 'Commonwealth Saga' (which it's only barely, but the pair of books that is Pandora's Star, and Judas Unchained) actually finished in a satisfactory resolution. And with a sufficiently 'twisty' plot that I'm happy.

A few chunks of story that got 'wtf' points, which served really only to have a key character 'off stage' for a bit. Started to veer dangerously towards the 'look, aliens can fix it all for you' but thankfully didn't go that far. Actually, I'd have gone as far as saying that quite a few of the 'aliens' the story could have quite happily done without - they were mostly an after thought in a 'Humans face ultimate bad thing' kind of storyline.

Then again, that's only a fairly minor grumble, they didn't actually hurt the storyline as much as be somewhat irrelevant.

Still nice complicated ish, plot - little hard to pick up again having read the previous book several months ago, but not sufficiently so that I was stuck trying to remember who the hell a character was, and why I should care. Still well good pace all the way through - it's around 1200 pages, I bought it on Monday. I have of course, had a bit more 'travel where I can read' going on, but even so...

Hmm, slightly longer post than I first thought.
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tenuous From: tenuous Date: May 26th, 2006 07:56 am (UTC) (Link)
It would appear that there is a beer festival in the WF this evening.
sobrique From: sobrique Date: May 26th, 2006 10:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh no! How ever shall I cope!
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