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TomTom - Ed's journal
OK, for my lil' TomTom ONE box, I have procured the 'traffic reporting update' and the 'speed camera positions' update.
Costs an additional 100 euros (about 60 quid) for both. (I think about 60 Euro for traffic, and 40odd for camera spots)

The camera is a static report, and just has speed cameras marked. A few slight inaccuracies along the a45, I think from when there were roadworks - cameras reported but as 30 and 40 mph cameras, rather the 40 and 50 they are currently (but weren't for a while, due to long roadworks).

Traffic update on the other hand, is officially the best thing ever. Having driven to/from whitby, and during the journey getting painlessly rerouted around an traffic queue, I figured it was worth it. (It is smart enough to know about lengths of stalled traffic, so it won't add 20 minutes to your route to avoid a 5 minute delay)

64k/hour is about what you get around rush hour/london apparantly, for traffic info, which given I can feed it via 3G/Bluetooth on my phone, that's fair enough.

Which is nice.
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absintheskiss From: absintheskiss Date: April 26th, 2006 01:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
When I eventually manage to learn to drive and get a car I am definately getting one of those. Seems to be essential larp kit as you are going all over the place at odd times all over the country.

Glad you're getting on well with it.
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