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Beer! - Ed's journal
Well, this weekend is looking to be a little hectic.

I'm not going to be out at a pub this evening, I will be popping round to a friend's house.

Tomorrow, I shall be doing the Gym, at 'about' 10:30-11am, for a couple of hours. (Maybe more if I'm enthused).

Afterwards, I'm thinking that a visit to an eatery, such as the Farmhouse might just be in order.

And then, that evening, I shall be off to see Jerry Springer the Opera. (Ugh, which reminds me, I need to give someone cash for tickets)

Sunday, shall be meeting my parents, down Oxford way. Might or might not make it to the Living History fayre, but probably not.

And today, apparantly my new PC is ready, and I should be able to collect it on my way home tonight. Which is nice.
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