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Working - Ed's journal
I'm still at work.
And i'm not very happy.
You see, i've had a bad day.
In the kind of at 15:30, I had _just about_ managed to get back to square 1.

We've a server, that was in the dim and distant past, installed with veritas volume manager. I come along and reboot it for the first time ... well, in quite a while actually.

And it doesn't boot.
It doesn't boot, and give lots of errors, boot device failures and some oddball veritas problems.


Turns out the problem was quite simple - whoever had set up the boot device aliases had used the wrong scsi target, so it was trying to boot off a non-existant device.

Needless to say, that didn't actually work.

If I ever found out who messed with the boot process of this system without FUCKING TESTING IT I'll rip their tits off, cut off their head and shit down their neck.

Unless it was me, in which case I shall feel suitably humbled that I was such a monkey.
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